Genetic Laboratory

We have a team of specialists dedicated to fulfilling our mission

Genetic laboratory was developed in partnership with Natera Company from California, US and the result was the implementation of Panorama Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT).

The lab uses the most modern genetic technologies, its infrastructure is identical with Natera laboratories. Our lab specialists were trained to rapidly and efficiently implement and perform the non-invasive screening tests.

Adequate space and equipment are essential for the good development of the analytical flow and the achievement of reliable results.

As a measure to prevent contamination, the way the laboratory was organized was based on the spatial separation of the various methodological steps and on ensuring a one-way analytical flow.
Thus, the working protocol recommends that the separation of activities to be done in at least five categories, each corresponding to a dedicated workspace:

1. Sample reception room – Space for reception of the samples (from partner clinics) to be analyzed

2. Biosecurity room – The activities done here are: plasma isolation, DNA extraction and purification, storage of the extracted DNA.

3. Pre-PCR room – Library preparation by DNA fragmentation and addition of specific oligonucleotide sequences and in vitro enzymatic amplification by PCR.

4. Post-PCR 1 room – Libraries purification and their verification thorough automatic electrophoresis.

5. Post-PCR 2 room – DNA amplification (PCR reaction) and sequencing.

Work methodology has been verified and validated by Natera specialists.

AMS Genetic Laboratory, with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated specialists, wants to raise standards in genetic diagnosis.

Through professionalism, care and responsibility, we offer the highest quality services.

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