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Provides oncologists robust treatment options, clinically validated, using the most comprehensive molecular characterization (DNA) methods and clinically relevant databases.

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AMS Laborator Genetic, along with OncoDNA, proposes oncologists 4 tests: OncoDEEP, OncoSTRAT & GO and OncoSELECT (all tests are ISO 15189 and CE-IVD).

The OncoDNA mission is to provide a better characterization of the patient’s cancer and therefore a better choice of treatment and follow-up.

The objective of OncoDNA is to anticipate and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive integrated approach (genomics combined with molecular pathology), allowing oncologists to make the right therapeutic decisions and choose treatment that can deliver the best results.

The innovative approach is to combine the new generation (NGS) sequencing with immunohistochemistry (IHC). This provides a comprehensive picture of the tumor profile, both in the DNA and the protein, and opens up more therapeutic options for the patient. In 2016, liquid (blood) biopsies were included either in combination with solid biopsy analysis or as an autonomous diagnostic or monitoring assay.

OncoDEEP offers molecular characterization of the tumor, focused on cancer-specific diagnostic biomarkers, providing the most clinically relevant information for treatment decisions.

The test is designed to be used when there are therapeutic ambiguities in adult patients with solid tumors:

  • Multiple treatment options for standard therapies

  • Standard choices can not be applied due to comorbidity

  • Standard therapies have been depleted

  • Very aggressive cancers

  • Rare or low-frequency tumors

The test was recently improved to help predict the response to immunotherapy.

OncoSELECT represents smart biopsy panels with key genes selected by tumor type.

It is a rapid, minimally invasive analysis of circulating DNA tumor from a blood sample for patients with lung cancer (NSCLC), colon or breast (ER + or HER2 +).

It is approved by the FDA as the first diagnostic tool for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

It is the perfect tool for identifying therapeutic solutions for cancer patients where tissue biopsy is not possible, for monitoring cancer progression and for establishing resistance to treatment as soon as it is established.

OncoSTRAT&GO offers a complete picture of solid tumor disease and circulating DNA tumor from a blood sample, providing clinically viable opportunities for personalized cancer monitoring.

The test includes the sequencing of 40 genes from circulating DNA tumor (ctDNA) isolated from a blood sample.

This innovative test avoids repeating the biopsy and opens doors to personalized disease monitoring.

The test is designed to be used in adults with metastatic or non-operable solid tumors for which treatment protocols are limited, of patients treated with targeted therapies in which resistance points should be identified to apply 2nd and 3rd generation therapies or when careful treatment monitoring and response is desired.

The test was recently improved to help predict the response to immunotherapy.

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