Mission and values

AMS Laboratory Genetics facilitates access to your unique genetic information so you can take control of your health.
Being healthy means being informed!

Our mission

The company’s mission describes what we do every day. We are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate genetic information possible regarding their health and that of their future children.

We make clinical genetic testing simpler and more accessible!

Our mission is to help you make distinct, lasting and substantial improvements in your health.

  • Lifestyle change
  • Act early to prevent the disease
  • More frequent and timely medical tests for a particular condition or disease

Our values

Excellence. We are constantly looking to understand the needs of our partners (patients, doctors, employees) and to find solutions applicable in any situation.

Integrity. Everything we think agrees with what we do and say. We are trustworthy because we trust ourselves and our values.

Responsibility. We take responsibility for meeting our personal and organizational commitments.

Continuous improvement. We are always connected to the needs of our partners and we are not satisfied unless our customers are satisfied! We constantly analyze what we have done and plan in the smallest details, with and for you. Then, we act according to the plan.

Sustainability. We are constantly concerned to minimize the impact we have on the environment for the benefit of a sustainable future for future generations. We achieve this goal by choosing to maintain a healthy environment, aligning our activity and technology in order to reduce waste and optimize resource consumption.

Joy. Work done with pleasure brings us the most satisfaction. We love what we do and we do it smiling! We know that everything related to patients’ health is a very serious matter and involves a lot of work and dedication. But work can also be done with pleasure. We take our tasks seriously, but we feel that by providing a pleasant work environment for our employees, it will also create joy for our customers. We create excellence and we enjoy together!